Digital imaging for flexo and letterpress

Get 5080 dpi with unseen quality and productivity

Producing tags, labels, flexible packaging, folding carton or corrugated packaging? ThermoFlexX imagers can do it all. Better even. Our wide range of platemaking systems allows you to keep up with the increasing demand for flexibility by combining:

  • superb image quality
    5080 dpi with varying resolutions
  • a highly flexible and open workflow
    accepting 1-bit TIFF files from any workflow
  • quick and accurate handling
    unique sliding vacuum capability, simple interface
  • knowledgeable support
    great support teams and experts got your back
  • +20 years of experience
    powered by Xeikon, the digital production innovato

Why ThermoFlexX

Our flexible product offering is designed to meet your business requirements and provide innovative features and functionality, for you to differentiate and excel in what you do.

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ThermoFlexX news


A Handshake to Seal the Deal!

Heidelberg Italia have agreed to distribute the full range of ThermoFlexX digital flexo plate imagers from Xeikon Pre-press, Belgium, part of the Flint Group. ThermoFlexX offers 5 imagers from 635x508mm to 2032x1270mm to support all popular flexo and letterpress formats.

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